Kristine Baguiao

Graphic Designer & Photographer

My name is Kristine Baguiao. I am a Bay Area resident of 14 years. I jumped head first into the field not really knowing what graphic design was eight years ago. I'm fascinated by the manipulation of word and image to form functional and compelling pieces of art. I’ve learned over the years that often times, inspiration comes when you’re not designing but just living your life and learning new things. I’m interested in print design but look forward to expanding my skill set into photography and web design. I’ve worked as a freelancer as well as within a large company utilizing a style guide and hope to work in the future with individuals that have as much a passion for other areas of life as they do for graphic design.


Running (I've heard "Run, Forest, Run" more times than one person should have to hear it in a lifetime and I am currently training for a half marathon.)

City Living (Growing up in the suburbs will make you appreciate the grime and personality of a big city.)

Photography (I'm particularly drawn to black & white photography.)

Architecture (If I could meet any person living or dead, it would be Antoni Gaudi.)

Reading (I have what amounts to a mini-library in my house.)